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Performative installation
blown glass, steel, plastic sheets, wheat, cotton


There is a hot pressure building inside my mouth, and as I part my lips to release the invisible burn onto a cold surface, I am spreading my transparent self. When the body is in high demand, the skin starts to evaporate. The mechanism runs smoothly, and the water begins sliding, following the outer body's contour. My body is leaking and I want to water you. In this machine, we breathe in reverse, keeping each other dangerously alive. But with these loosely defined and deeply flawed arrangements, I solemnly swear to forever exchange breaths with you.


Can I... can I be self-sufficient for me and you, for both of us? 

DSC_0270 copy.jpg

The Sun Is Eating With A Thousand Mouths, MV Sci-Art, Timisoara, Romania, 2023

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