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Installation and text
stones, artificial hair, metal stands, pink plastic sheet
100 spiral-bounded copy paper sheets with the printed text


* This is for beginners only as their main body has yet to be calloused by twinning gestures.

I could tell big things from far away; anyone, anything. But as soon as flowers started blooming in Antarctica, the left side of my care muscle started to tremble, to feel cold and in the end, to paralyse. It may have been my hypersensitivity to strange logic or an insatiable boredom that used to crawl inside my hot-house body, from time to time. The dysfunction of such an odd part of my body, something so small, so local, has put me in a consistent line of degradation.  


I used to hold my breath for two years. But now I can no longer fit my body between rocks and fulfil this almost geological process. 


Oh, how much I miss the small, smooth bites of a weaver ants’ nest, and if I still had my body, it would be glowing a fierce bright red.


But I am as of today, under ideal conditions, practising the tenuous exercise of being painfully human.  

DSC_0629 copy.jpg

Fabulating about a gelato machine, Muzeul de Arta Brasov, Brasov, Romania, 2023

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